About me

I’m a security researcher, working as a penetration tester in the financial industry. My main focus is on web application pen testing, as well as in-depth code review of Java applications. I hold a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, and have worked in the past as sysadmin, developer and network engineer.

Away from screens

Next to hacking I have a variety of interests, mainly in health, fitness and music. I’m a strong advocate of the Paleo / primal lifestyle and consider living a healthy life to be the crucial foundation which supports everything else in life. In my free time I like to make music, mainly as a pianist but I play some guitar too. I used to own a record studio and in the past I’ve hosted a talk show named Talking Music, which you can still find on YouTube.

Where to find me

You can find more about me on LinkedIn
Check out my music on talkingmusic.net
Follow my hacking related talk on Twitter
Read my thesis on Dynamic Information Flow Tracking
View my resume.